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Preidlhof is a multi-award-winning Destination Spa located in Naturns, South Tyrol, Italy. Under the stewardship of Klaus Ladurner for the past twenty years, Preidlhof has carved out a first-class reputation as a holistic, preventative and medical health retreat for adults-only. Preidlhof remains steadfast in its commitment to research and to the continual innovation and investment in its staff, facilities and services.

Flowing through all aspects of daily life – every interaction, experience and treatment offered to guests – is The Preidlhof Way. This is the philosophy that true health and happiness reside in finding the right balance between ‘hedonistic’ and ‘eudemonic’ wellbeing – as wholly defined by Aristotle. It is the ‘sweet spot’ where pure pleasure meets a deeper sense of self-discovery, purpose and meaning. It is about striking the right balance between pleasure, fun and external appreciation (the hedonic) and self-acceptance, resolving past issues, and self-development (the eudemonic).

  • Wellness For Two

    per couple


    4 days

    It includes:
    • Red Hammam
    • Aroma Massage in Garden Spa
    • 46° Parallel Olive Oil Massage
    • SPA Suite
    • Chocolate & Sparkling Wine
    Red Hammam:
    Wrapped in steam and the beautiful red mosaics that characterise this little private Hammam, purify the skin and connect with one another. Aromatic natural products “made in the Mediterranean” specifically for the hammam envelop the senses and make the skin radiant. Guided by the Red Hammam Therapist, receive a relaxing and purifying footbath, an exfoliating and renewing hand wash, and an effective face mud-mask. Inside the steam room, there are two important steps to complete: self application of the body mud which will will melt with the heat and steam; and then, a final wash with exfoliating and regenerating black soap. A fresh shower, a touch of nourishing almond cream on the hands, and a face spray with cosmetic water and Mediterranean infusions conclude this beautiful experience.
    Aroma Massage:
    After a short psycho-aromatherapy test, essential oils are selected for use during the massage to achieve a relaxing, stimulating, euphoric or soothing effect. The effect of the chosen essence, combined with the movement of the massage, creates a personalised experience and also connects us to the person we are closest to.
    46° Parallel Massage:
    Slow and smooth massage with organic almond oil and an exclusive blend of organic olive oil produced in the Region where the 46° Parallel passes enabling a Mediterranean climate in amidst the high mountains. A little olive tasting experience will add a magic touch to the massage.
    SPA Suite Magenta:
    After a welcoming magenta footbath, the body is treated with a natural scrub followed by a bath with Bach’s Flowers chosen according to the needs of the couple (or with magenta water). The relaxing massage with Magenta and Gold oils, alchemically harmonised with sound crystals and the energy of Chromotherapy concludes this very pleasant ritual. Discover quality time together and find new energy, for lightness of mind helps foster a greater understanding of ourselves and of others.
    Chocolate & Sparkling Wine:
    Chocolate therapy and wine therapy are perfectly matched in this delicious ritual: two experiences to be enjoyed in the suite for two. Who will choose the chocolate and who the sparkling wine? Choco experience is a long cosmetic massage for body and face while Sparkling Italy is a lovely beauty ritual for face and body with cosmetic products produced from the local ‘Champagne’, Spumante.

  • Trasformational Journey

    per person


    4 days

    It includes:
    • Psycho Aroma Test & Aroma Massage in Garden Spa
    • Color Healing Massage & Color Test
    • Sound & Quartz
    • Kneipp Experience
    • Deep Sea Room
    • Three days of Holistic Classes
    Psycho Aroma Test & Aroma Massage in Garden Spa:
    An olfactory test provides insights into potentially dormant talents that may be awakened through scent during the massage in Preidlhof’s Garden Spa. A vial of the personalized scent is provided to take home.
    Color Healing Massage & Color Test:
    A fragrant, sensory massage with oils crafted to release the potent healing power of crystal, sounds and chromotherapy. Following a color test, the therapist selects oils to achieve desired results.
    Sound & Quartz:
    This mystic ritual is conducted on a warm therapeutic treatment bed where heated quartz sand gently adapts to the shape of the body. This treatment can be relaxing or regenerating. It relies on deep vibrations resonating from bells, artisanal instruments, or a gong played by the therapist, amplified by the quartz and conveyed to the entire body.
    Kneipp Experience:
    This excellent body treatment alternates hot and cold water to reactivate natural energy. The therapist chooses techniques including brushing, washing, body wrap, and massage to relax or energize body and mind.
    Deep Sea Room:
    Sound and color, two new frontiers of wellness, combine in this masterpiece of technology and creativity to relax and inspire body and mind.

Brand Cosmetici

Preidlhof offers a selection of three types of facial treatments that correspond to the nuances of its Wellness philosophy. All rich in products of natural origin, result-oriented and technologically advanced:

• “The Preidlhof Way”, the new cosmeceutical line produced in South Tyrol that guarantees surprising results thanks to products rich in active ingredients and precision technology, elements of natural origin;

• World Premiere for Su-Man Hsu facial treatments, celebrities’ star facialist who for the first time teaches his famous holistic method that mirrors Preidlhof’s interest in Asian wellness philosophies;

• In collaboration with the nearby Terme di Comano, internationally recognized for the healing power of its thermal water, a spa cosmetic line that aims at providing comfort, relief and visible results for reactive, problematic and sensitized skin.

Spa Etiquette

It is best to wear a bathrobe with sandals and a swimsuit/trunks. We provide disposable briefs for most treatments. If you have booked Shiatsu, Glowing Flow or Osteo-balancing, we kindly ask you to wear a tracksuit or comfortable, loose clothing. Please leave your valuables in the room safe and also refrain from using your mobile phone so that tranquillity is ensured for all guests throughout the Spa facilities. If possible, show up at the spa department 10 minutes before your appointment so that you are not rushed.


Spa Director Patrizia Bortolin and her team can be reached daily from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm. Dr. Med. A. Angerer can give you comprehensive and expert advice after your departure. On request, our health professional will be happy to contact you after two, and a further four months following the start of therapy, to ensure the best possible after-care.


Please book your desired treatments when you reserve your room if possible. Appointments are very quickly booked out in our PREIDL Spa. Short-notice bookings can be made at the Spa Reception.


The comprehensive and expert care of our guests is very important for us. We do require some information in advance so that we can tailor our treatments to your individual needs. You will receive a questionnaire for this on arrival or at the Spa Reception.



– No cancellation costs are charged up to 1 month prior to arrival;

– We charge 80% of the booking amount within 1 month prior to arrival;

– We will charge the full booking amount in the case of early departure or no-shows.



Nature and Wellness in one place: Preidl widespread spa, 5000m² of pure wellness, Sauna Tower and Relax Gardens:

• Infinity pool with an unparalleled view of the Ortles-Cevedale Group,
• Infinity Sports Pool,
• Panoramic outdoor swimming pool with a temperature of 34c ° all year round,
• Summer outdoor swimming pool in use from March to November,
• Relax pool,
• Outdoor Jacuzzi with salt water,
• Whirlpool at the Schwarzbrenner Sauna,
• Outdoor hydro massage in the lemon grove,
“The 50s” design indoor pool,
• Hot & Fun Finnish Sauna for events with the “aufguss” masters,
• Olive wood sauna with large panoramic windows overlooking the orchards,
• Turkish bath,
• 5 Elements Sauna with central fireplace and clay walls,
• Schwarzbrenner sauna between the pools and in the center of the relaxation garden,
• Salina lounge with infrared rays and walls with Hymalaya salt,
• Wine Sauna with the scent of eucalyptus, originally used to work the barrels,
• Panoramic terrace to enjoy under the sun and immersed in nature,
• “DEEPSEA” lounge with innovative visual effects combined with particular sound experiences,
• Relax Room “Place of strength”,
• Vitaminic Lounge with a variety of healthy snacks in a relaxing environment,
• White Silence Lounge,
• Lounge with fireplace;
• Fitness area,
• Functional Area,
• Yoga room.
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